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Makayla from Virginia



from Virginia

Makayla is a lively young lady with a bubbly, outgoing personality. She is full of personality and a born entertainer. She enjoys singing and participates in her school choir. She plays soccer and was involved in a summer travel soccer team in which she won an award! Makayla also likes to dance, although she insists she will only dance when she's alone in her room! Since she enjoys shopping so much she says her number one wish would be a shopping spree. Makayla is quite talented at art and draws very well. Because she is friendly and interactive with peers she makes friends easily. Makayla's favorite school subject to study is English. Though she loves all types of food, mac-n-cheese and pizza are at the top of the list. Makayla truly is a shining star, and fills her home with joy, love, and endless laughter!