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Mark from Virginia



from Virginia

Mark is a very kind and genuine young man who warms up quickly when engaging in conversation. He enjoys writing stories and takes notes of things here and there to add to them. Mark likes to read; his favorite book is “The Trials of Apollo.” He has a vast vocabulary and is very inquisitive. Mark likes making crafts out of paper, playing with animals, and video games. He likes computers and says Microsoft is his favorite brand of computer. Mark enjoys watching animated shows, especially Pokeman because he likes the character Pikachu . He is also a builder at heart and likes to construct things with Legos. Though Mark is slightly allergic to cats, he is interested in the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats. Pork chops and anything Italian are his favorite kinds of food. He enjoys listening to hip-hop and R&B music. Mark aspires to be a police officer and would love to join a family that would help him foster his dreams and passions. Would you give him a chance?
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