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Mathew from Virginia



from Virginia

Mathew, or “Mat”, is a bright, funny young man. He is athletic and uses any opportunity he can to practice basketball. Mat dreams of playing professional basketball and has shown great strides while participating in a local league. Mat loves listening to music and playing video games. Mat is very intelligent. He is thoughtful at times, showing insight and empathy. Mat is pretty shy and quiet when you first meet him, but will open up once he knows he can trust you. Mat rarely turns down an opportunity to spend some quality time getting a chocolate milkshake or a cinnamon bun. He is able to make friends easily, enjoys helping other and is involved in team sports. If Mat does something that he was not supposed to, he is quick to shows remorse and genuinely wants to make progress on his personal goals. Mat is very loyal and a stand up for what he believes is right. When Mat makes a friend, it is a friend for life! Mat keeps a tidy living space. He values his belongings and treats them with respect. Mat is a hard worker and will dedicate himself to a goal that he sets until he achieves it. Mat longs for a place that he can belong, feel comfortable and grow.
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