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Mutusim from Virginia



from Virginia

To put it simply, Mutusim is a lover of life. He can rarely be found without a smile and uses each and every one of his muscles to laugh at his own jokes. He is a passionate young man who is eager to share his many interests with others. He loves to dance without an ounce of shame and is an avid fan of sports. His two favorite sports are basketball and WWE wrestling. He was previously John Cena’s biggest fan, but has been feeling a bit betrayed by his recent move to the world of acting. Mutusim loves to be outdoors and active and hopes to find a family who enjoys similar activities. He is the proud new owner of a new kitten named Fefe. FeFe and Mutusim take good care of each other. Though he was born in the United States, Mutusim’s biological parents immigrated here as refugees from Sudan and Egypt. Mutusim has spent time living in Egypt periodically throughout his childhood. He is bilingual and can speak both Arabic and English. Mutusim is beyond excited to be adopted and is eagerly anticipating the day he will be able to meet his forever family!
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