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Myasia from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Myasia born in 2003! If you want every day to start with a smile, there is no doubt Myasia will bring one to your face. Myasia is such a sweet and affectionate teen. She enjoys eating Chinese food, especially shrimp fried rice! Myasia enjoys holding hands, jumping like a bunny, and going for walks. Myasia enjoys upbeat music and will dance her side to side motions with the beat. She likes to jump on a rebounder trampoline. Myasia is learning sign language and can regularly sign several words. She would most enjoy being in a happy family, around laughing people, and a family that can put a smile on her face. She's very affectionate and likes to be physically close to the mother figure in the home. She is accustomed to other teens in the home and enjoys seeing younger children play and laugh when they visit her foster home. Please don’t miss out on another minute without the wonderful girl. Myasia is the kind of child that will enrich your life forever.
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