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Natalia from Virginia



from Virginia

Natalia is an amazing warm-hearted young lady born in 2003, Her spirit is like no other, and the rewards of her love and smiles will be endless. Natalia loves to smile and laugh, and loves for those are around him to share the same joy. Natalia has so much strength and character and is an inspiration to all who meet her. Natalia enjoys spending time with children especially little ones under two years old. She loves to help care for little ones as it brings her so much joy. Natalia enjoys outings and going to church with her foster family. Natalia likes going to school and being part of everyday life where she can see her teachers and classmates. It goes without saying Natalia knows no stranger and loves making friends wherever she can. Natalia also enjoys computer games, puzzles, journaling, movies, and the Disney Channel. Natalia would love a loving religious family who enjoys spending time together especially during holidays. Could you be Natalia’s forever home?
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