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Natoria from Virginia



from Virginia

Natoria is an active member of her community. She enjoys going to church, dancing, and cheerleading. She is also part of her school’s ROTC unit. She has a bubbly personality and she loves to smile, talk, and laugh. She enjoys getting her hair done, talking on the phone, and painting her nails done.

Natoria never gives up hope and she believes that with the right support, she will be able to transition into a family and a successful adulthood. She enjoys being a part of a large extended family with older young adults who can act as possible role models. She likes to be the baby of the family and to receive one-on-one attention from her caregiver, although at times she may have difficulty expressing it. Natoria would like a family that is open to her having contact with her biological family, especially her younger brother who is not in foster care.