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Nehemiah from Virginia



from Virginia

Trayvon is a determined and outgoing young man. Trayvon has a big heart. He is kind, caring and very passionate about things he loves. He loves playing around outside whether he is riding his bike, scooter, playing with remote control cars or playing at the park he is content. He loves going to the lake, swimming, boating and fishing. Trayvon is an avid video gamer and enjoys playing with peers and online. Trayvon loves to stay busy but also benefits from a consistent structure. Trayvon has a strong relationship with his younger brother and enjoys spending time with him. Trayvon enjoys attending school and looks forward to spending time with his peers. He is hoping to participate in recreational sports as he has not had the opportunity to do so in the last year. Trayvon loves soccer, basketball and football. Nehemiah is an excitable young man with a lot of energy. Nehemiah is a boy's boy, loves to play outside, and does not mind getting dirty. Nehemiah enjoys riding his bike or scooter, playing with his toy cars and trucks. In the summer time, he enjoys swimming, going fishing and going to the lake and riding on the boat. Nehemiah is strongly connected to his older brother and enjoys spending time with him. Nehemiah enjoys affection along with structure and consistency. He enjoys spending time with his peers. Nehemiah has an interest in sports and previously played soccer. He also has interest in trying out other sports in the future.
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