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Nevaeh from Virginia



from Virginia

Nevaeh is a very intelligent child that does excellent in school. She is advanced and being considered for the gifted program at her elementary school. Nevaeh is eager to be adopted and thinks about adoption often. She can do well in groups but also enjoys working and playing independently. Nevaeh loves electronics, arts and crafts. She has an expansive vocabulary. Nevaeh can be a picky eater, but does have a big appetite the majority of the time. She will do best in a home where the family is supportive, encouraging, and has time to invest in her personal growth. Nevaeh is willing to work towards trusting others and desires to have a permanent home. Nevaeh is easily redirected and most of her behavior is age appropriate. Nevaeh is a very gifted child that has a good sense of humor. Nevaeh has some sense of family and what the term means, but needs some help feeling as if she is a part of a family. She wants to move forward, be a part of a family, and do well and be successful. Nevaeh has tons of potential and with the right family can reach that potential.