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Paul from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Paul! This 12 year old is really excited about finding his forever family! Anything to do with video games puts a big smile on his face. He enjoys talking and exchanging fun facts with people and he loves to laugh. Paul takes a minute to warm up to people he is just meeting, but once he feels comfortable, he is very energetic and funny. Paul is a thoughtful boy who enjoys having fun and learning new things. He is making progress on his goals and is hopeful about successfully transitioning to his forever home. Paul has learned how to care for animals and treats them with respect and love. He loves the idea of having a cat! Paul would thrive with a family who enjoys science, technology and learning new things. "Paul makes such an impact on people. He just needs someone to read to him, spend time with him, go to the park with him and have traditions with. He deserves to be loved and cared for.
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