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Rajae from Virginia



from Virginia

Rajae is an outgoing and likeable young lady. She is energetic and prefers to be active. Some of her favorite activities include swimming, going for a walk, and watching movies. She is inquisitive of things that are going on in her surroundings. Rajae is full of laughter and can be quite the jokester at times. She loves to be the center of attention. Rajae is talkative at times and is very outspoken. She has several talents including drawing, dance and music. Her favorite music artist is Michael Jackson. Rajae can be very helpful and she likes to please others. She likes going to school and works hard towards her goals. Rajae is close with her three paternal half-siblings and their mother, she enjoys seeing them when she can. Rajae also has a maternal half-sister who is being adopted and Rajae desires to have a closer relationship with her.
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