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Ranique from Virginia



from Virginia

Ranique is a fifteen year who has a passion for outdoor activities. During his free time, he often enjoys reading comic books, watching superhero movies, and playing basketball. His favorite superheroes are the Avengers. He currently owns a superhero hoodie and an Avengers board game. Unlike some teens, Ranique has a passion for nature. Throughout the week, he participates in quiet walks around the neighborhood. Three words to describe Ranique would be intelligent, loving, and spontaneous. In a school setting, Ranique strives to learn new things about American culture. He is interested in African American culture and loves to learn about himself and those around him. He possesses strengths that aid him in being successful at whatever he focuses his attention on. He possesses a strong relationship with his paternal grandmother and desires to maintain this relationship when he gets older. Do not miss out on making this amazing young man a part of your forever family.
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