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Rhiannon from Virginia



from Virginia

These three close siblings are a joy to be around, and a source of fun and comfort for each other.

Brendan likes his role the oldest and can be caring and supportive of them. He is a boy who loves reading, art and science, and ALL things Pokemon. Brendan plays soccer, loves to swim, and spend time on his bike or at the park. Brendan can be a "ham" sometimes, but is able to follow directions and verbal prompts. Brendan does well in school and seems to have an interest in STEM activities. However, he is not yet certain as to what he wants to be when he becomes an adult. One thing he does already know is that he would like to go to college. Brendan is also very good at drawing and is a talented story writer.

Rhiannon is a lovely young girl who will draw you in with her infectious smile. She loves to read, do arts and crafts, and watch movies. Rhiannon thrives when she is the center of attention and is provided one-on-one support and encouragement. She does well in school and is developing better relationships with her peers. Rhiannon has an interest in sports as well as anything traditionally deemed "girly".

Kaiden may be considered the "life of the party" although he’s the youngest. He is very animated and energetic and loves to be the boss. Kaiden is in kindergarten and loves to learn and show others what he knows. Kaiden plays soccer, loves to be outdoors, swim, and watch his favorite cartoon, but most of all... he loves playing with Legos!

These children need a forever family that has room in their hearts and home to provide them each with love, care and support.