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SADE from Virginia



from Virginia

They don’t come any more adorable and good-natured than Sade! She is a gentle and loving girl who gets a real kick out of singing and dancing to Disney songs and pop music. Sade is always willing to help others, which can mean assisting with chores around the house or getting in the kitchen to be your little sous chef. Arts and crafts are a big hit with Sade as well, her imagination is enviable. Sade’s not afraid of a little challenge either, she enjoys doing puzzles. She’ll lighten any mood with her penchant for joking around and laughing at the slightest cause. She’s happy spending time with other kids and is eager to help them whenever she can. Sade does best with a routine and schedule that is predictable to her. Sade enjoys lots of one-on-one time and encouragement.
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