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Sebastian from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Sebastian, a really good kid with a great personality! He has a desire to get a job and work. Sebastian gets along well with everyone. He really likes to talk and has a pleasant disposition. Sebastian does very well in school, making the honor roll and also lettered in academics. He will need a parent who is involved and supports him with his school work.

Sebastian does not have a preference on family type. Two-parent, one-parent, same-sex, or heterosexual does not matter to him. He just wants to fit in and be accepted by them. Sebastian does well in his current home with the exception of typical teenage behaviors. He has stated that he would like to remain in his current school, but understands that is unlikely. Sebastian is still open to seeing what families are available in other areas, but would like to remain in Virginia. He has a connection to his grandmother and his girlfriend, and he wants to keep that contact with them. Those are deal breakers for him. Sebastian also does not care if the family has a religious preference, but has stated that if he believes something different he does not’t want the family’s belief forced on him. Sebastian would thrive in a home that would allow him to find out who he is and allow him to participate in the activities he enjoys.