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Skylar from Virginia



from Virginia

Skylar is a confident and assertive young lady who is a natural. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very engaging and talkative. Skylar loves to be outdoors and stay active. She especially enjoys playing soccer, bike riding, horseback riding, and gymnastics. Her love for animals isn’t limited to horses, she has a soft spot for dogs and cats, too. The Fourth of July is her favorite holiday because she gets to watch the fireworks and be part of the community gathering together. Skylar is also very creative and loves to craft various pieces of art work. She often gives her finished creations to her friends and family as a way to brighten their day. Another creative outlet for Skylar is wearing the latest fashions. Her favorite books are Twilight and the Cat Warriors. Skylar is in need of a committed and nurturing family who can offer the structure, consistency, and stability that she needs.
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