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Tah'shawn from Virginia



from Virginia

Kee’shawna is a loving little girl that loves to play with her dolls. She loves fashion and spending her time playing ‘dress up’ with clothing. Kee’shawna is a great help around the house with chores and she loves to bake! On a sunny day you are bound to see Keeshawana playing outdoors or riding her bicycle with her little brother, Tah’shawn. Kee’shawna’s warm personality and affectionate smile has afforded her many great friends. Talking and socializing with her friends and making new friends are some of her favorite things to do. Recently, she joined a praise dancing group at her community church and she is loving it! Though she’s very interested in socializing, Kee’shawna is quite independent and will often spend time quietly coloring or reading books with her brother. Tah’shawn is happy, helpful, and loves to build. He likes to be a helper both around the house and outside doing yard work. Tah’shawn interacts well with friends and is protective of his older sister. Outdoors he usually wants to run around and play tag with others. He is very interested in football and basketball as well. He has learned to ride a skate board and now wants to learn how to swim. At home he likes to watch Thomas the Train and Paw Patrol. Tah’shawn is a singer at heart and likes to participate in church activities. A very inquisitive boy, Tah’shawn is at a stage where he is learning to be independent. Can you imagine spending a fun-filled day with these two sweet siblings?