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Taquanta from Virginia



from Virginia

Taquanta is reserved and bashful as he cautiously enters new relationships. Once he is comfortable, this clever young man is quite comical and has a wonderful sense of humor. Taquanta takes a great deal of pride in his appearance. Like most teenagers, Taquanta can be strong-willed. He describes himself as being well-behaved and obedient "for the most part."

Taquanta is optimistic about his future. He is on target to graduate from high school and is excited about then pursuing a career in graphic design. Taquanta has an interesting and creative imagination which should work well in the graphic design field. Taquanta states that "you should always have a back-up plan” and his is to join a branch of the armed forces.

Taquanta enjoys participating in team sports, especially basketball. He is a thoughtful and respectful young man who enjoys spending time with his grandmothers. He states, "They have a lot of knowledge to share even though sometimes I don't want to hear it." When asked about his favorite holiday and why, Taquanta stated, "I would have to say Christmas because who doesn't love getting gifts? Besides, families usually get along well during Christmas."

Taquanta needs a stable, patient, active, fun-loving family.