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Tony from Virginia



from Virginia

Zewina is a loving little girl that loves to play with her dolls. She is interested in fashion and often plays dress up. Zewina is helpful around the house with chores and also she loves to bake. Outside she likes to play and ride her bicycle with her little brother, Tony. Zewina gets along well with other children and likes to have a lot of friends. She is warm, chatty, and affectionate. Zewina is very protective of her brother and they get along very well. Tony is energetic, happy, helpful, and loves sports. His favorite sports are football and basketball. Tony likes to run and play tag or bicycle with his friends. He likes to be a helper around the house. He enjoys being outdoors and even helping with yard work. He is interested in building things and mechanics as well. Tony is great with his hands and likes to assist with washing the cars or fixing anything mechanical. His favorite card game is UNO sometimes he makes up his own rules as he goes! Tony is very loving and affectionate towards his sister.
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