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Trenton from Virginia



from Virginia

Trenton is a cheerful young man who is very social and will initiate conversation with others. He is willing to try new things and can be adaptable over time with support and reinforcement. Though Trenton's articulation is not always clear, he is able to tell a simple story and follow simple instructions. Trenton is able to communicate his thoughts and feelings when the person he is speaking with is reviewing what he is saying. Trenton initiates interactions and will play simple interactive games with others. Trenton loves to joke and play pranks for laughter and interaction. Trenton has good manners and is kind. Trenton enjoys helping others, is typically willing to do chores and complete his daily living skills. Trenton is able to form close relationships with family members and others who are part of his life. Trenton likes to continue to make phone calls and maintain contact with his biological siblings that are older or who have already been adopted. Preferences: Trenton enjoys playing on the playground, being outside, and taking walks. Trenton also enjoys going on outings with his staff and peers to places like the movies, Press Start, Wal-Mart, restaurants, etc. Trenton loves soda like Root Beer. Trenton enjoys picking out his own clothes and takes pride in what he wears. He enjoys playing with electronics and likes to complete behavioral contracts to that he can earn preferred rewards. His favorite reward is to play his play station.
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