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Tyler from Virginia



from Virginia

Tamia is a girly girl. She likes all things pretty, frilly, and sparkly. So of course her favorite colors include pink and purple. Tamia enjoys making jewelry and likes to showcase her creations. Tamia is a bit reserved, but easily engaged. She is inquisitive which contributes to her talkative nature. Tamia also craves attention and likes one on one time with the adults in her life. Tamia enjoys school. She feels a sense of pride when she earns good grades and/or positive reports from teachers. Tamia attends a Christian church regularly and enjoys participating in the youth programs. She prepared to participate in the youth’s Easter Pageant. Tamia participates in Tae Kwon Do which she really enjoys and is good at. Tyler is outgoing and has lots of personality. She is friendly and easily engaged. She is inquisitive and is also prepared with a question to ask. Tyler participates in Tae Kwon Do. She enjoys it and takes pride in the fact that she is good at it. Tyler enjoys being helpful around the house. She is good at keeping her room clean. Tyler likes school. She has friends and is liked by school staff. Tyler is a foodie and enjoys eating. Some of her favorites include mint chocolate chip ice cream and seafood rice.
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