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Vincent from Virginia



from Virginia

Vincent is an energetic, enthusiastic, and extroverted young man. He is very friendly and loves getting to know others. He is very welcoming to anyone he meets and has a way of drawing people to him. Vincent enjoys playing video games, watching educational videos, and reading series books. Anything outdoors or agricultural is likely to be something Vincent will be interested in. He like to experiment in the kitchen and cook new things. Recently he learned how to bake a beautiful banana bread and now likes to make it as a gift for others. Vincent is naturally very inquisitive about how the world works and wants to travel and visit new places to expand his knowledge of the world. He has a terrific sense of humor and often makes an effort to get those around him to laugh and smile as well. Vincent is also bright and driven. When he sets his mind on something he does all he can to work hard and achieve his goal.
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