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Vyncent from Virginia



from Virginia

Vyncent likes to go by his middle name, “Mykell.” He has been described as “cute as a button.” He is very affectionate and enjoys receiving hugs from those he is close to and likes interacting with others. Mykell lives to play video games and watch action movies. He is a very active boy and likes to constantly be on the go. Mykell enjoys being outside, playing basketball, football and playing in the park. Mykell loves watching professional football and cheering on his favorite team, the Washington Redskins. Mykell also enjoys riding his bike and helping in the garden. He loves animals and caring for the animals in his foster home where there are rabbits, chickens, dogs and birds. Mykell is a very funny boy and likes to make others laugh. Mykell’s favorite food is pizza.
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