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William from Virginia



from Virginia

William is a 16 year old young man with an amazing and inspiring personality. William thrives in routine and loves the structure that sports provide. He enjoys basketball, football, and track and field. William also enjoys swimming and interacting hanging out with his friends. He does well academically especially math and loves to be challenged academically. William is a very considerate and helpful person and enjoys engaging in intellectual conversations. His favorite thing to do outdoors is playing sports and one day he would like to try skydiving. William is an avid reader and particularly likes science fiction books. William likes to bake cookies. He says if he was granted three wishes he would like to be a millionaire, be successful, and have a car. William would love to travel one day, and says if he could go any place in the world, he go to Italy. William says that on vacation he would like to have fun and spend time with family. He says that one of the things he would like for an adoptive family to know about him is that he just wants to be part of a family. Could you be this amazing young man’s forever family?
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