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Yohany from Virginia



from Virginia

Yohany is a kindhearted teenager with a gentle spirit. She describes herself as smart, shy, and athletic. She enjoys going to church, watching scary movies, and learning magic tricks. Yohany is very creative and spends her free time listening to music, doing art projects and reading. She is also a remarkable athlete who has a passion for soccer and is interested in playing competitively.

Yohany truly enjoys school! Her favorite subject is math, and she loves to read books. She has plans to attend college someday to further her education. Yohany has begun cooking and enjoys trying to make traditional Honduran recipes. She loves to play family games like Uno (she is an unbeatable UNO card champion).

Yohany needs a strong, supportive, and nurturing family to help her continue to reach her fullest potential. She does best when kept very busy. Yohany pictures a family full of support and quality time together.