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Yolanda from Virginia



from Virginia

Yolanda prefers to go by Isobel, and is very athletic. She also enjoys spending time with her friends. This is why she loves participating in team sports like basketball, track, and even cheerleading. Isobel is intelligent and creative. She enjoys a challenge and knows how to balance hard work and having fun. She is a real go-getter who can’t wait for a new adventure. Lahaina likes to be called Michel is more reserved than her sister. Though she enjoys being active by playing basketball or running track, you are more likely to find her in a corner reading a book. Michel is very creative and enjoys making arts and crafts. She is very inquisitive and likes to have things explained to her so she can fully understand them. Isobel and Michel are active and very social ladies. They are both intelligent and look forward to going to school each day, where they excel and remain on the honor roll. These two girls have redefined the term sibling rivalry as they constantly push each other to succeed. Whether on the court on or in the classroom, they compete to be the best they can be. And the best part is that they are each other’s biggest supporters! Together these girls are unstoppable.