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Zachary from Virginia



from Virginia

I like to play baseball, football, basketball and soccer. On sunny days, I like to go outside, ride my skateboard play basketball on my Ps2, Ps3 or Ps4. On a perfect day, I would have dirt bikes my size, having fun with my friends. I would wake up in the morning; have fun on the bike trail. For lunch, I would have cheese or Hawaiian pizza. I would rest, and then explore the woods. Then I would take a break and gather some firewood. Then I would play some more. I love to play sports. I love dirt bikes. I also love to play video games. If I could have three wishes, I would: 1. Have more pegs for my bike. 2. I would have a stunt bike. 3. I would have a hunting gun to hunt for deer to make deer jerky, and have my own hunting clothes. I like my own sense of style and that I can dress up nice. When I grow up, I want to go to high school, then college and then be a dirt bike racer. I do not know what I would like to study at this time.
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