Author and spiritual advocate, Autumn Miles is also an adoptive mother. She, along with millions of others have been horrified all over again at the thought of abortion as this video has gone viral. (CAUTION:  GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Adoption is not an easy process for anyone – not for the birth parents, not for the adoptive parents, and sometimes, not for the child. It is time consuming and the roller coaster is often frustrating. And yet thousands of adults endure the wait, the paperwork, the depletion of personal finances, family background, the chance of rejection, the disappointment of failed adoption and more – all for the hope to grow a family through adoption. Adoptive parents like Autumn are ever grateful for birth mothers who chose life for their children. These are the noble, the brave, the heroes of our country who, according to Autumn, “chose not to sacrifice their child, but to sacrifice for their child.”

As Autumn records in her article published on The Blaze, each year about one million abortions are performed. This happens all while thousands are waiting to adopt. These are babies who are wanted, prayed for, hoped for, sacrificed for.

While the country is fighting for equal rights for all, and the Supreme Court has issued the order for all 50 states to recognize marriage for same-sex couples, how is it that the most vulnerable, the most dependent, of our human race are treated in this way? This news writer calls for the country to step up for equal rights for those who can’t ask for it themselves.  She advocates, “Adoption, not abortion.”