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When I look in the mirror,
I don’t see me.
I see who you could
possibly be.

I see your eyes,
I see your face,
I can see my heart,
vacant of your space.

I ached to think of what I brought you,
but you have made me nothing but proud.
Your life has been a blessing,
the silver lining in my cloud.

Your absence in my life,
is a reality I must endure.
But my mood was never a factor,
Your life quality was the allure.

And now I see your smiling face,
your cleverness and grin,
while you hold my physical features,
you’re unique from outside in.

Your parents are kind, and gentle and sweet.
You were meant to be raised by them.
And yes, I miss you, dearly, my child.
You are a lifelong gem.

So, while I cry from your void.
It has all been justified.
Your family and is happy and full of love.
So I hope your joy will abide.

Your Birth Mother,
A birth mother