After a home invasion last year, Brian and Valerie Wilson purchased guns and completed the course to legally carry those guns on their person or in their car as a means of protection. This very thing that is protecting them now, will prevent their dream of having a family to protect from coming true.

For obvious reasons, current regulations require guns and ammunition to be stored in separate containers in the homes where foster children reside. But sponsor of the bill, Assemblywoman Michele Fiore of Las Vegas, is asking for change. Having toured Child Haven, she is well aware of the high number of children needing good foster homes. “We have had people that are law-abiding citizens that have gotten their background checks, that have their CCWs, literally denied to foster a child because they have a concealed-weapons permit,” she stated to the Review Journal.

Opponents of the bill are not only concerned about child safety, but about the traumatic effect of seeing a loaded weapon in what should be a safe home for them. Many of these children come from abusive circumstances where weapons were involved. To help the children heal, any weapon should be kept from their view, they say.

There has been no immediate action on the bill as of yet. But couples like Brian and Valerie Wilson, who not only want a family, but also want to protect that family, hope that lawmakers can come to an agreement to make changes to the current law.