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Precious Little Son

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Today’s the day that you were made
A new life has begun
Within the womb inside of me
My precious little son

Half of you was waiting
For years & years it seems
For him to come & make you one
New life inside of me

From this first day you changed me
Now through your eyes I see
Do I want your eyes to look at
The same things that I see ?

I look around at this world of mine
In a way I’ve never done
I think…Is it safe here
For my precious little son ?

Sadly I know
The answer is no
So I drop down to my knees
I cry as I ask Jesus
Please help you & me

Where are the smiling faces
For your new eyes to see?
They are not here in my world
If I die…They may never be

I can only protect you for a while
While you are safe inside of me
So I search for smiling happy faces
For your brand new eyes to see

Again I ask Jesus
To help me find someone
To love this life inside of me
My precious little son

I know someone is waiting
God has chosen them
To give you all the love you need
& make you part of them

How I know you need them
How they have prayed for you to come
So they can share a part of their world with
Their precious little son

I found the happy smiling faces
That I want you to see
& they can’t wait to meet their son
That lives inside of me

Their world is so much brighter
So I share my love for you
With lots of happy smiling faces
& they will let me love you too

I will always love you
I want you to know
You are in my heart forever
You are everywhere I go

Now we wait on your arrival
We can’t wait for you to see
How good it feels to share a love
That only through God can be

Our happy smiling faces
Stand together now as one
To love this life inside of me
Our precious little son

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