The good news is that although many kids are entering the foster care system, many are also being adopted and getting families. But sadly, in too many cases, adoptions are dissolved and the children are then further traumatized. When this happens, an entire family is traumatized. The reason? There has not been post-adoption support available to assist children, their newly adoptive parents, and other family members to the degree that it’s needed.

As one adoptive parent says, “Everything about the child doesn’t go away when they become adopted. They still have their struggles, including mental illness.” So when the assistance disappears once an adoption is finalized, too many families just can’t make it work. Now, the Quality Improvement Center for Adoption & Guardianship Support and Preservation organization is teaming up with others to offer interventions for families – both pre-adoption and post adoption. This will become a great asset to help ensure families can remain together.

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