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Out door adventure
Hello there!!
Welcome to the family! We are so excited and grateful that you are here to check us out. We are Aaron and Bradi Hill and we can't wait for you to learn a little about us and hopefully for us to get to know you. One thing about the pair of us is that we love to meet new people and hold our relationships very near and dear to us.

We are excited to get to know you!

There is no exception here, once we have been acquainted we hope to keep a life lasting relationship. Thanks for taking a minute of your day to check us out!
Time for you to get to know us!
We met back in the 9th grade in science class. Aaron was quickly attracted to Bradi and Bradi needed someone new to sit by. Through the year we became best friends. We continued our friendship into high school and then the end of Junior year Aaron finally asked me(Bradi) on a date and I said yes (he tried before and I said no in fear of ruing our friendship.) The rest is history from there! We dated the rest of high school, then headed to college. Aaron left for 2 years to serve a Christian mission for the Church of Jesus Christ and returned in April 2013. We were married that following November.
We love doing things together. Any opportunity we get to spend together we take and try to make an activity out of it. Some of our favorite things to do our take our bright green kayak out in the summer, fly Aaron's drone in new places, make videos, travel to new places, anything outside, and cook. We both love to cook and get a little too into cooking shows sometimes but we love being inspired to try new things.
One of our favorite things to do together is watch football. Yes, we are a football loving family! We try to go to one game a year at each of the major universities in Utah. Aaron bleeds blue for BYU and Bradi bleeds red for the University of Utah so it makes for a fun little rivalry in our house. Another fun tradition we have started is that each year we travel to one of the top 10 largest college stadiums for a football game. We love this tradition as it has taken us to places we never thought about traveling to. It is also such a fun way to jump in and embrace a new place and culture with the different traditions and food.
Culture is so important to us. We understand the importance of a heritage and know that instilling the culture into our child's life will be crucial to their development and self-worth. Religion is also a very important aspect in our lives, as we know it provides a great deal of self-worth. We live and practice our standards as members of The Church of Jesus Christ and intend to raise our children with the same morals. Family is everything to us! We both have incredible, supportive, and loving families that we are so close with.
As we go through this journey to starting our family, we hope to have you with us. We respect you and admire you. We can't wait to embrace you into our family with open arms!
With love, Aaron and Bradi Hill
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