Sneak Peek into our Lives

Alan and Brandi
Dear Friend,

This letter is meant to be intimate and personal, but with hundreds of viewers (including a handful of scammers) we just want to keep this simple with the hopes that you will contact us so we can have a real conversation about adoption with just you. That being said, here's a little convo between the two of us:

BRANDI: Hey Alan, can you keep the kids occupied for a little while so I can write a letter to expectant parents looking at our adoption page?

ALAN: Why do we need to write a letter? Aren't pictures worth a thousand words? And you already uploaded a ton.

BRANDI: Yes, but we still need to write a letter.

All of our children, adopted and biological alike, are “miracle babies”.


BRANDI: Here you go, Alan. This is my twenty-seventh draft. What do you think?

ALAN: Looks nice. Way to get it down to only thirteen pages, but I thought you said you were going to make it upbeat.

BRANDI: I know. I can't help but get all emotional and sentimental! This is serious stuff! It's heavy!

ALAN: Yeah, but the people reading these letters probably just want to see pictures. I doubt they even read the letters.

BRANDI: They TOTALLY read the letters!! Well, at least the first and last paragraphs, right??

ALAN: Brandi, they can see we've already adopted twice with both adoption being open. We've had wonderful communication with the birth families, so what else do they need to know?

BRANDI: Well, what if they don't want openness?? I want them to at least know that we can be flexible with their desires.

ALAN: Alright, you win. I'll give you a break and write the letter myself. It will be more interesting coming from the husband because the wives are probably the ones that always write the letters, right?

BRANDI: I knew you were my knight in shining armor! Thanks, Dear! I'll keep an eye on the kids so you can get to it! :)


ALAN: Ok, this is a lot harder than it seemed. It all sounded so good in my head.

BRANDI: I'm sure it's fine! Let me see what you've got.


BRANDI: Alan, you haven't even completed the first paragraph. . . What have you been doing?

ALAN: I'm so much better being face-to-face with this kind of stuff.

BRANDI: I know! It's hard to write a generic letter for the whole world to see when it's supposed to be personal and address the specific needs of the intended recipient.

ALAN: Exactly. Let's just upload a bunch of pics and share a video and hope they'll reach out to us anyway.

BRANDI: Brilliant! Why did't we think of this sooner?!

ALAN: I mentioned it in my first line of this dialogue. You just needed to come to that conclusion for yourself, Dear.

BRANDI: Thanks for looking out for me. I'm so glad we could do this together.

ALAN: We can always FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. It will be so much better to talk face-to-face anyway.
We're a Family of Five ~ All Born to Different Mothers ~

We're a Family of Five ~ All Born to Different Mothers ~

Our Family

We hope that little convo helps you get a feel for us as a couple! We're a team and we love and support each other. It will really help you get a better feel for our family if you go check out our "photos" and "favorites" so you can see pictures of what life looks like in our home and family.

No child is an accident. The Lord has a brilliant and beautiful plan.

We're a fun-loving, loud, and lively bunch!

We're a fun-loving, loud, and lively bunch!

Please Consider Reaching Out to Us

Well, as you can see, we do a lot better with personal contact, so please reach out to us! We look forward to speaking with you and getting to know you better.

There is so much more we can say privately than in this public letter.

Thank you for your interest in our family!


Alan and Brandi