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"I would have no reservation, whatsoever, in recommending Alan and Brandi as adoptive parents. I've known both of them since 2009. During these past several years I have come to know them through many capacities, including church, work, and school. Alan and I have a strong business relationship, Brandi and my wife both homeschool and use the same support group, our kids love playing together, and we have served in many capacities together, especially through church. In the ten years I've known them they've demonstrated great maturity and responsibility. I find Alan and Brandi to be both resilient, patient, kind, honest, accountable, and loving. Certainly no concerns with their general character and emotion maturity. Their marriage is strong and healthy. They treat each other with mutual respect and have created a stable, secure home. I have witnessed firsthand the loving attention they give to each other, as well as their current biological son and adoptive son and daughter. They have provided them with many opportunities for self-discovery by way of music classes, gymnastics, and other organized activities. But even more importantly Alan and Brandi are truly hands-on parents. Brandi is always singing and playing with the kids and Alan can't wait to get home and spend time with them too. And it is evident the children love them very much as parents. Brandi and Alan would be so excited to welcome a new child into their loving household. It is my strong plea that they be able to expand their family as they greatly desire. Alan and Brandi are both committed to adopting a child to care for and love. Everything about them and all of the conversations we have had on the subject of adoption tells me this. There is nothing I know of that would prevent them from being adoptive parents. I've known a lot of parents and there are not many that I would consider better than Alan and Brandi. There is no one I know that is more deserving, caring, loving and excited to have a new child join their family than these two parents"

Brian ENDORSED | Creative, Playful, Simple, Fun-loving, Outgoing , Grounded, Dependable

"I have known Alan and Brandi for about 7 years. I first met Brandi at a church function and we have been friends ever since. Alan and Brandi have watched my four children ages 5, 9, 12 and 13 on several occasions beginning shortly after we first met. I trust them completely with their care and well being, Alan and Brandi have shown great kindness and patience when caring for my children. They are quick to play a game with them or get them involved in something productive and engaging. I have observed Alan and Brandi with the neighborhood kids and they are always compassionate and giving of their time and resources. From observing the way they interact with my children and the children in the neighborhood and at church, I know that they are both excellent parents. They have a solid marriage and are committed to each other. They are financially able to provide a wonderful life to a child. Alan is a kind, genuine and reliable person who is always there to lend a helping hand. He is trustworthy and hardworking. Alan is the type of person you can count on to be there for you when you need him. Brandi is a strong outgoing person who loves to help others. Brandi is a wonderful example to the children she interacts with, she is always ready to help the kids with their homework or just listen to their concerns. Brandi has helped me on countless occasions come up with solutions to resolve issues with my own children which has resulted in great success. I confide in her with matters regarding my children because I know that her counsel and advice are always for the best interest of my children. Alan and Brandi have established a stable and safe home for their children and when I am in their home I see first hand their commitment to their children. The environment in their home is peaceful and secure. I do not know of anything in their character or history that should prevent them from being successful adoptive parents. They have already been extremely successful in adopting two amazing children whom they have given their whole hearts and lives to. I wholeheartedly give my recommendation of Alan and Brandi to adopt a child. Sincerely, Christina Hart "

Christina ENDORSED | Creative, Playful, Simple, Fun-loving, Outgoing , Grounded, Dependable

"​I find it an honor and a blessing to have been asked to write this letter of recommendation for this family to adopt. I have known them for a little over a year, but they are of the rare kind of people that bring you in and make you feel like you’ve known them for a lifetime. We attend the same church congregation and from the very beginning they have truly felt like family. Right away I was able to connect with Brandi in a way that felt so natural and genuine. The first opportunity I ever had at being around her outside of church was only a few weeks into my family moving to town. She had invited my children and me to go on an impromptu mini trip to Nauvoo, IL. This is out of my comfort zone, because the thought of taking a multiple day, 4-hour road trip with someone I barely knew was not something I had ever done before. I was so grateful I did, because she is one of my closest friends now. It was such a joy to see her with her children, and incredibly inspiring to see how hard she works to create opportunities for learning, connection, bonding and memory making in her children’s lives.​I think what I love most about Brandi, is that she is so authentic with herself and those around her. She sees and takes every opportunity to teach her children how to be expressive, creative, and unique in their own ways. What I particularly admire is how dedicated she is to learn and grow herself to further expand her capacity to teach and give her children the best education while allowing that creativity and expression to flow freely. She is dedicated to her faith and prioritizes her life in such a way that keeps the most important things like faith and family at the core of everything she does. She is incredibly intentional and present as a mother and it is so beautiful and quite inspiring to witness. She is compassionate, responsible, empathetic, service oriented, organized, loving, and just so real. I really think I love that most. She is so real and relatable. Even with her children. She’s not afraid to be open, honest, and humble with them. When she makes a mistake or shows up in a way with them that she isn’t pleased with she isn’t too proud to apologize and really sees that as a teaching moment. As a parent, I feel we all have to have that ability to own up to our own short comings, and it is so beautiful to see how she sets that example for them and allows them the opportunity to both witness how an apology is done and then how to forgive and feel what unconditional love feels like.​What I feel that makes Brandi and Alan such a remarkable duo is that their strengths really complement each other. Alan is very soft spoken and patient in any circumstance I’ve ever seen him in. He is equally present and engaged in his children’s lives and it’s very clear that even with being very successfully self-employed, He still makes his family his number one priority next to God. This takes an incredible amount of intentionality and effort. He will take opportunities in the small things to show that those things are the big things, especially to his children. I have witnessed time and time again how he can make them feel like the most important person in the world. It is very clear that their children are his number one fans. He leads his family by example and pure unconditional love.​They are one of the few couples in my life that set the example that true and healthy love really exists. And not in the fake “love is always rainbows and butterflies” kind of way, but in a very real and authentic way. They are both so open and real about the kind of work it takes to have a healthy, happy, engaged marriage. It’s incredibly clear they are both on the same team. They root for, support, and hold each other accountable to continually grow to stretch and reach their fullest potential. They always speak highly of and hold the other in the highest regard and treat one another with kindness and mutual respect. They are affectionate toward one another for the kids to witness and teach them what a marriage is supposed to look like. I believe that Alan and Brandi are two of the most beautiful, loving, caring, generous couples that may cross your desk for potential adoptive parents. Their hearts are so pure and intentional. If I were in a situation that found me looking for a potential family to care for and raise my children, there may not be a better option than this family. I give the absolute highest recommendation and my fullest support and prayers to the growing of their family. My heart is full to know that there will be another little life that will be blessed with their love. "

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