Who We Are

Us at home
We are best friends. Alex, the dad of our family, is always quick to lighten our lives through endless dad jokes . His favorite past time is making us smile and feel loved.

Our journey has helped us realize that we are eager to embrace and love more fully through adoption.

Annika is always the one encouraging us to seek adventures in life, and to live life to the fullest. She thrives on trying new things, developing hobbies, and serving others. Peter, age 6, is a naturally happy boy with a HUGE capacity to love others. He has the most contagious laugh, and gets along well with children of any age.
Snow fun!

Snow fun!

What we have to offer

Family is at the core of all we do. Alex's profession allows him to constantly put family first through flexible work hours and location. Annika values her role as a mother in all that she does for the family and our home.

Our hearts are open

She loves to welcome Peter home from school, and to make our home a safe and welcoming place. Peter will be an amazing older brother. He cares for his younger cousins, is patient, and loves to play with other kids. He frequently asks if he can be a big brother.

To learn more about us, see our website at murrayadoption.com

Thank you!
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