Family fishin’

Jul 03, 2020

Went out on a limb this year...tried something new on the family vaca! Night fishing! So much fun! We can’t wait to share these experiences and make more memories as our families grow! 

Family vaca!

Jun 30, 2020

Enjoying a friendly game of scrabble after a long day at the beach! Kicking our annual family beach trip with a bang! 

Practice makes perfect

May 09, 2020

Uncle Dan is getting so much practice! Being the baby of the family he never really got to experience holding a baby so young, the dirty diaper changes, feeding every so many hours, etc...needless to say he’s adjusting well! He’s going to be a great dad! 

Crabbing with the family

May 02, 2020

We love our family time! Today we got out on the water to do one of our favorite activities...crabbing! And of course they are a delicious treat! We can’t wait to share these memories with children of our own!

Quarantine projects

Apr 29, 2020

We are making use of this time that we get to spend together. Lots of projects getting done! Alexa's the Joanna and Daniel is the Chip! Alexa dreams it up and Daniel helps those dreams come true! Not 100% done but almost!!! 

Mardi Gras!

Feb 26, 2020

Celebrating Mardi Gras traditions with our family and friends is a time of the year we look forward to! 

Valentine’s Day fun!

Feb 18, 2020

We normally keep it low key on Valentine’s Day! This year Daniel cooked a tomahawk with some yummy sides! He is such a great cook! We normally don’t exchange gifts either but this year we both surprised each other! I (Alexa) received some beautiful flowers and Daniel got some personalized socks! We can’t wait to enjoy this day with our future valentine/valentines!!!! 

Holiday celebrations

Jan 30, 2020

We LOVE the holidays, especially the ones where we can gather with our family and friends! Every year, we are fortunate to celebrate the holidays with both sides of the family. We especially like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter when our family members from out of town can make it in to celebrate. Mardi Gras is a reason for many gatherings in the Spring. We enjoy the parades and often try to bring my younger sister to them when that time of the year rolls around. Our extended families are getting larger with each year that passes. Even though we may not live far from one another, we don’t get to see each other as often as we like, which makes the holidays so important!

Our Family and Friends

Jan 30, 2020

We are so blessed to have many friends and family that have been so supportive and excited for our decision to pursue adoption! We see our family and friends often and they will play a large part in our child's growth. They cannot wait to welcome a new child/children into our family!

Family Traditions

Jan 30, 2020

We have many family traditions, that range from family gatherings for birthday celebrations and family vacations during the summertime. We enjoy crawfish/crab boils, holiday gatherings, etc. These functions are always lots of fun. We are a very close-knit family who cherishes our traditions. We plan to continue sharing these with generations to come.

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