"Daniel and Alexa are well prepared to provide a safe and loving home for a child. They are a faith filled caring couple with great joy at the prospect of bringing a child into their home. This child would have an abundance of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends who eagerly look forward to welcoming him or her into our family. There will be many opportunities for education, outdoor experiences and many birthday parties!"

"Alexa and Daniel are more than ready to welcome a special baby into their home. They are a great uncle and aunt to my three children - who would LOVE to have a new cousin to love on. Alexa and Daniel will be great parents because they are loving, caring people and will cherish and adore their new baby!"

"Daniel and Alexa are good and honest people who I'm proud to call my close friends. They are wholeheartedly committed to starting a family and I couldn't be more excited for them. I truly look up to them for their commitment to their faith-based home and marriage which allows them to put their best foot forward on a daily basis. They will make admirable parents who have so much knowledge to offer a child. For instance, Alexa secured two degrees in a field that centers around caring for people, which I truly believe she did not miss her calling in life. Her gift of crafting is unbelievable and I often wish to learn from her many talents - sewing, vinyling, art making, etc. Daniel's exceptional cooking talents and woodworking skills are also very impressive. I can genuinely attest that any child would be blessed to be placed in their home."

"Alexa and Daniel have been waiting for their baby since they have been married. Their very strong desire to have children this will place this child in a very loved home. They have everything setup for their baby and can’t wait to bring the baby home. Every parent wants love, safety and stability for their children. Alexa and Daniel both have good degrees and good jobs so they can easily switch and find stable jobs even in crisis. They can always provide a safe environment and stability for the child. Not only are they from loving family themselves, they also have supporting and loving grandparents. The child will be in a very family oriented environment and so loved by everyone not only will the child come home to loving parents it will come to loving grandparents. Alexa comes from a very family oriented background where traditions are passed from generations this is how good values are passed to the child. Engaging the child in these activities in which the child will have a sense of longing, belong and feeling of being loved both physically and emotionally and memories to last a lifetime. They would be the perfect parents because they have been waiting for their child for years and will be able to love them unconditionally, provide stability, understanding and sense of belonging."

"Daniel and Alexa are waiting for a baby that will make them a complete family. The longing for a baby to love, hold, spoil and raise is a dream they hope to come true soon. They are both wonderful people, educated and love children. They love taking care of, playing with and baby sitting their nieces and nephews and hope to soon have their bundle of joy of their own. Both families are waiting and praying for a baby to love and spoil."

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