Unpacking and decorating the nursery

Apr 06, 2020

Saturday we spent the day putting up window treatments and setting up the big furniture in the nursery. When we began the adoption process, we discussed what themes we would like to incorporate in the nursery. Usually when we have to make a decision we each have to come up with a list and then negotiate our way to a choice but the decision for a Harry Potter nursery was unanimous. We have picked out some wall decorations and think we may paint the room too. Check out the nursery photo album to see how we add to the room.

Packing and social distancing

Mar 20, 2020

What a crazy world we live in today. We officially made our move into our home last week but have been slowly going back to the townhome cleaning it up and taking the small weird items we left behind. After Wyatt chased me all around the place trying to steal a kiss that I refused in the name of “social distancing” I proceeded to plop a box on my head to maintain my personal space.

We are quite the pair and never pass up a moment for a good joke even in a quite serious time in the world. And yes, he did eventually get that kiss. ❤️

We bought a house!

Mar 09, 2020

We are now the proud owners of our first home and are very eager to officially move in tomorrow morning! Our new home is in a premiere school district with so many programs available. Our home is situated on a quiet street with several young families and down the block from the elementary school and a huge park with bike trails and a massive playground. One of the great things about our new home is that our close friends all live in the the area and they all have young children that would love a new playmate. Once the chaos has passed, we will post an album with updates of the inside of our home including the room we have picked out especially for the nursery. 

Why Adoption?

Feb 20, 2020

Even when we were dating, we knew that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. Early in our marriage, we tried to conceive naturally but were faced with infertility issues. I, Amanda, suffer from PCOS so we turned to my doctor for help. After failing to conceive with their assistance, we took a step back to pray about our next steps. We felt God leading us back to our early conversations of adoption. We prayed, talked to our priest, and most importantly, talked with each other about pursuing adoption. It was then that we decided that we were ready to begin the journey to grow our family in whatever way God had planned for us. Wyatt's best friend and his wife adopted through Gladney seven years ago, so we spoke with them about our decision to adopt and ultimately decided to visit Gladney. Once we walked through the doors, we felt at home and at peace.

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