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"Becoming Grandparents has been the greatest blessing. We waited with anticipation knowing that Brandon and Bailey would be fantastic parents. Bailey is the oldest grandchild and has loved 17 younger cousins. Brandon has taught several of those cousins how to fish on our yearly camping trip. The party doesn't start until Brandon and Bailey have arrived. We wanted so badly for Brandon and Bailey to be able to grow their family because they have SO much to give a sweet baby. When Jemma came to them, it was a beautiful experience to watch. They fell in love with her the moment they saw the ultrasound. Brandon and Bailey adore and treasure her, as do her Grandparents. When Jemma comes to visit we all call "dibs" on who gets her first! Family bonds are a priority to our family and as Grandparents we have been able to grow those bonds in a way that only Grandparents can do; like saying "yes" when Mom and Dad say "no," eating dessert first, staying up past bedtime, jumping in mud puddles, and many more right of passages of being Grandpa and Grandma. As much as we look forward to spoiling another grand baby, we can't wait for another little one to receive all of the love and nurturing that Brandon, Bailey, and Jemma have to give. Many ponds need to be fished, tea parties need to be attended, bedtime stories need to be told, horse rides need to be taken, marshmallows need to be roasted, and stars need to be wished upon."

Tracy and Tess ENDORSED | Loving Home, Kind And Caring, Genuine

"We became grandparents in 2014 for the first time, and again in 2017. Both of these children have changed our lives in so many ways. The experience of helping a grandchild learn and develop is so rewarding. We never thought we could love someone as much as our own children, but grandchildren changes that thought. We look forward to growing our family through grandchildren so that we can continue to enjoy watching Brandon and Bailey be the great parents that they are. Along with the commitment of Brandon and Bailey to be the best parents possible to a child, we want to help our grandchildren become the best they can possibly be and reach their fullest potential by loving them, teaching them, and helping them through any challenges they may face in this world. Brandon and Bailey have shown us many times how great they are as parents through the love they have shown for their daughter, and also to others including their family members and friends. Their commitment to their faith, families, community, and employers is extraordinary. We are so excited to welcome more grandchildren into our family and see Brandon & Bailey realize their dream of becoming parents to another amazing child."

Blake & Walline ENDORSED | Loving Home, Kind And Caring, Genuine

"Brandon and Bailey are two of the most genuine and authentic people I know. I fear that I will fall short in adequately portraying what an incredible pair they make. My husband and I have been friends with Brandon and Bailey since before they were married, during our "double-dating" years in college. Although we no longer live near one another, they are still some of our dearest friends. And for good reason; there is no shortage of entertainment and laughter when these two are around! One thing that I have always admired about both of them is their ability to be un-phased by worldly possessions and obsessions. They always seem to be surrounding themselves with the more important things in life, and forgetting about the rest. Social media, "likes", comments, and retweets have never been important to them and that is something I admire about them very much. They are grounded, centered, and unwavering in their beliefs and standards. Both of them are blessed with qualities that enable them to serve those around them. They are CONSTANTLY serving, and never looking for recognition. Their entire community knows and respects them for their eagerness to help wherever they are needed. As a parent, I have learned that your life revolves around serving your children. With this being a quality that comes to them so effortlessly, I have no doubt they will thrive in their roles of parenthood. They are always the first to call or text when our family is struggling. Bailey is the kind of person that would drop everything and bring met a Diet Coke to cheer me up. And Brandon is always setting up the next golf game with the guys. They are both engrained with an incredibly strong work ethic. Brandon has always excelled in providing for their family and Bailey certainly doesn't fall behind in that category. They both know how to work hard, and also know how to play hard! Out of all our friends, they are the ones who are always on the go. Doing something fun and exploring new places. Some our fondest memories with them have been camping together and going on trips. There is definitely never a shortage of adventure with them! Over the 6 years I've known them, I have watched them go through some very hard trials. Never once have I heard them complain or act resentful. They are the definition of a rock solid couple and the love they have for each other is undeniable. If I had to draw out of a hat with a million names in it, I would want Brandon and Bailey to be the ones I picked to raise my children. They both adore kids and always seem to make them feel comfortable and happy in their presence. As you seek out a family for your precious baby- just know that Brandon and Bailey would attend to, love, and cherish your child more than anyone I know. "

Lauren and Chris ENDORSED | Loving Home, Kind And Caring, Genuine

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