Summer swimming and family

Aug 31, 2020

We love to spend the hot summer days with family and friends around the pool. Our niece loves our giant jellyfish float. Memories like this last a lifetime ❤️.


Jun 19, 2020

With social distancing rules during this beautiful season, we have been getting some sunshine by doing a lot of kayaking. We love to load up the kayaks on top of the jeep and hit the water. We find it relaxing and it rejuvenates our spirits. We would love to take them for a farther road trip one of these days.


May 19, 2020

We have had a small garden with our favorite veggies for a few years. We love planting seeds or small plants and watching them grow. It’s so nice to be able to run out to the garden for an ingredient for dinner. Nothing tastes better than fresh picked veggies.


Apr 24, 2020

We love to travel! We travel with friends and family whenever possible. We have a US map that we cut out pictures in the shape of each state we visit. Our goal is to fill the whole map with happy memories. Some of our favorite places have been Jackson Hole WY, Glacier National Park, The Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Disney World, and the Dominican Republic. We of course love the island of Dominica in the West Indies where we lived for two years.


Apr 14, 2020

Ozzie and I have a giant family between the two of us. We have a huge support system and cannot imagine life without each one of them. 

Bike Rides

Apr 09, 2020

During our free time we really enjoy going for bike rides. It’s a nice way to get outside and get a little exercise. We even have little baskets in the front of each bike for the dogs to enjoy the ride. There are many good paved trails near our home we can explore.


Apr 05, 2020

Brandy is an Emergency Room Physician. Being a doctor is a calling she’s had nearly her entire life. She loves that she can make a difference in someone’s life when they are having the worst day of theirs. Her job is fast paced and stressful, but that is when she thrives.

Three words Ozzie would use to describe Brandy: Loving, Ethical, Determined


Apr 05, 2020

Ozzie is a cheer and tumbling coach. He truly enjoys his job and makes a real connection with his kids and parents. His passion shows through his excitement while watching his kids perform.
Three words Brandy would use to describe Ozzie: Loyal, Outgoing, and Fun.

Social Distancing

Apr 05, 2020

During this scary time of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, we are doing our duty as citizens and social distancing/staying at home as much as possible. We are excited to get a start on our spring garden. Brandy loves to garden, both vegetables and flowers!

Going for a ride

Apr 04, 2020

When the weather is nice, Mason and Ellie love to go for a ride in the jeep. Don’t worry, they’re harnessed in with their own seatbelts.

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