"We are pleased to recommend Breanna and Jim to your Adoption Program. We have known Breanna for over 15 years and have watch with joy her family and professional life blossom! Breanna is a wonderful and fully involved wife and mother! She is "Top Of Her Game" professionally. She has a heart of compassion for all people and goes the extra mile to help and knows how to involve others to do so. We are adoptive parents of two sons, one is white and one is of color. We understand the many challenges that comes with children who are in the system for different reasons. This couple has "the tools" to deal with what may come. We know Jim through their marriage. He is an accomplished Attorney at Law! Jim is a devoted husband and father. He has a wonderful sense of humor that helps in family life. Both Jim and Breanna are people of great integrity who love the Lord and try to involve Him in their daily lives. Any child they adopt, will be protected, nurtured and LOVED in their family."

"I have been very lucky to call Breanna a friend for over 20 years. I have seen her grow and accomplish many things during this time. The one thing that seems to really make her shine is being a mother She has so many qualities that make her a great mom. She is loving, kind, patient and has such a positive attitude about life. I think this family would have so much love to give a child. They have done a great job blending their family together. They give so much of their time and devotion to their kids and family. I love the way they make sure their kids have so many wonderful experiences. When you visit their home you immediately feel welcome and part of the family. I know they would do a wonderful job adding to their family through adoption. "

"Breanna and Jim are extremely giving, caring, wonderful people. Somehow they both manage successful careers with parenting in an enviable way and still find time to pour into those around them. They are loving parents and amazing leaders , both in their home and in their professions. The child lucky enough to have them as parents (and have their children as siblings) will never be short of love. They live a blessed life that they have worked extremely hard for and have created an amazing family unit. If I could sum all of this up in two words it would be that Breanna and Jim are equally selfless and loving. "

"I highly recommend Jim and Breanna to be parents of your baby. Jim and Breanna are very financially stable, and absolutely willing and able to love a child as their own. We are a close knit Family, and have adopted children in our family. They are both very smart, sweet, and very caring. They both are compassionate, and are also fun to be with. They love their kids and are great parents. They both are born again believers, and believe in raising their children in the way they should go. Any child will thrive in this wonderful family. Should you choose this family, I guarantee you, that you will be happy you did! Their is lots of love waiting for this new baby/child. Blessings, Wanda "

"I am honored to be able to write this recommendation for Jim and Breanna. I have known them for 2 years through work contacts and during that time have had the privilege of seeing them parent with such positivity, support and fun-loving nature. One particular example comes to mind with the first day of school excitement where they wake the kiddos up with music and goofy dancing to get them excited for their new year. I've heard firsthand how they have parented through the stressful times of childhood friendships, problems at home and school, and navigating difficult things happening in society including covid. They listen to their kids and each other and keep the focus towards positive results. Both Jim and Breanna foster love and open communication so their children and their children's friends have a safe place to navigate through confusing situations and feelings. As a parent myself, I look to them as role models and consider myself fortunate to be able to emulate what they do as parents. This couple is amazing. They treat each other with mutual respect and acknowledge each others strengths and weaknesses and work together as best friends. They have created a stable and loving environment for their family. The kids are excited to be able to welcome a child into their family as they all have so much love to give. Most sincerely! Vanessa"

"I have known Breanna and her family for 5 years. She is a very kind, loving and patient person. I've watched her and Jim interact with their children and they are very caring, involved and engaged with their kids. I'm always amazed by their level of commitment to family and creating a fun and loving environment. I think any child would be lucky to have them as their parent. "

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