The Shermans

Hey, that's us!
Hey there! Thanks for checking out our profile. We’d like to tell you a little about our family.
We’re Brittany, Mike, and Liam. We met in 2007 in our freshman year of college. It was kind of a
Romeo and Juliet story; Mike’s roommates didn’t like her roommates, and Brittany’s roommates
didn’t get along with anyone else at all. Real romantic stuff. We spent the next few months
becoming closer friends and dating (in spite of our social awkwardness), eventually getting
married in 2008.
We both have masters degrees and work as mental health therapists -- and to answer your
question: yes, we have a PERFECT and FLAWLESS marriage. *sarcasm alert!!!* We were
always drawn to this type of work because it was important to us to help people with their
struggles. This experience gives us greater insight and understanding into the feelings of those
around us.
We both come from unconventional homes, with Mike losing his mother to cancer and Brittany
having an emotionally-distant father (but her stepfather totally rocks). This helped us appreciate
the importance of having close-knit, loyal connections with our families and how to help children
feel loved and protected. We both are of the Latter-Day Saint faith.While we are aware that we
don’t come across to most as “typical” Mormons, we both have drawn so much strength from
our faith in God ever since our difficult childhoods and we find it still helps us today. We are
active in our local LDS ward and, incidentally, through the years we seem to always be
assigned to work as youth leaders and Sunday school teachers.
Our son Liam (aka Gremlin) is 7 years old, and we are super blessed to have him. We’ve
wanted to grow our family even more, but, try as we might (and believe us, we gave it the ol’
college try), we just haven’t been able to make an older brother out of him. Being an older
brother is something he’s wanted for awhile. Whenever he’s around other kids younger than
him, he’s so eager to help them out by reading to them or trying to help them make good
choices. He’s an absolute rockstar who is very energetic and a huge source of positivity for
those around him. Like his father, Liam loves making people laugh by cracking jokes or just
being silly in general.
We love doing things together and pride ourselves on our nerdy interests; we like playing board
games, going to Comic Con, cooking, and speaking almost non-stop in Simpsons quotes.
Brittany’s interests are singing and reading books, which also includes attending local author
events and running her book blog. Mike plays bass in a band and enjoys doing
open mic stand-up comedy. Liam loves Pokemon, Captain Underpants, and video games.
Adoption is something that we’d always talked about since the beginning of our marriage, and
we’ve started considering it even more so recently not only due to our already existing desire to
grow our family; also because Brittany was recently adopted as an adult by her stepfather.
Thanks again for giving our profile a look, and thanks for your consideration. Take care!