Super funny Video Added!

Mar 30, 2020

Check out our latest video. A super funny, spontaneous conversation occurred this morning. Check it out!

A Moment to pause...

Mar 26, 2020

What a different time it is right now in our world and all across the globe.

School is still in session at our house. Working from home 100% is our new normal.

We hope for safe, healthy times ahead. We hope in connecting with friends and family virtually that we can share a smile or a funny to laugh.

Trying times can make us stronger! We are in this together in so many ways. ♥️

A feeling...❤️

Mar 13, 2020

As a family we seem to have the same idea....we think you will find our family soon. We know everything has its own timing.

We post often to share as much as we can. We share videos, as we are only able to post one at a time. (So I will rotate them often.)   

We truly want you to witness our family, so we share who we are, as much as we can in the virtual world.

We are open to know you and respect your wish if you choose to remain more quiet.

Please know we love our baby already....and encourage you, when the time is right, to reach out to us.

 ~Kindly ❤️

A Sunday afternoon....

Mar 08, 2020

Time to share some toys! Finley is being a trooper in going through her toys with me....we will share these with those that want them ! (And I got her to smile while doing it

Our Valentine Tradition ❤️

Feb 15, 2020

The first Valentine's Day we celebrated together as a couple....I had such a bad sinus infection I could not taste or smell anything.

We had reservation's at a restaurant for a 6 course dinner....but that would have been a total we stayed in town and went to a local Mexican restaurant. 

That has been our Valentine's Day tradition ever reservations, no rushing....and the day will undoubtedly end with a scrumptious Mexican dish!

As a Mom....

Jan 19, 2020

As an observer, I watch her…I want to understand how she thinks….how she may be feeling….what questions I can ask to encourage her…

To present her with insight, wisdom that will help her walk through life….I want her pockets to be deep with wisdom, compassion, truth, humility, humor, love, respect and self-awareness.

To encourage her to cry when she wants to cry no matter who is watching….

To love with her all, as much as she loves herself……

To know when to say goodbye for good reason and walk away with no doubt…..

To forgive and move forward knowing your heart will remain strong and to listen to your intuition….

To carry a smile and share it freely…your smile is contagious and creates many colors of the rainbow….

To reason and know when to compromise…..

To achieve some of the biggest tasks and celebrate herself….

Celebrate, encourage, motivate friends as they are so dear to us….

To feel her feelings….express them….understand what they are…..and who she is…..

Use wise words, respect those around you….and know the difference when you encounter a wolf in sheeps clothing….

Believe with conviction…no matter what others tell you….

To own her wrongs and apologize...

What a gift to know yourself….as some walk through life not knowing and seeking purpose….We are enough, She is enough….and I want Her to know that…to feel that, every day.

Written by Cara~ a Mom with purpose ~

Snow cont...

Jan 15, 2020

It's cold but we enjoy it while it is here!

Snow Day!!!

Jan 15, 2020

When....the 'white stuff' shows up we take advantage of it! School is Closed!

Finley began building her snowtopia!

Hopeful Family of 3...

Dec 25, 2019

Our daughter, Finley gave me this wonderful gift. I completely melted seeing what she had drawn.

Even through her eyes our baby will be very special and our family will be complete. ❤️ 

(Reindeer family is our family. Our baby is in the center as Rudolph.)

I FELL for him on our first date!

Dec 10, 2019

I thought I would share with you a bit of history regarding Jesse and I.....Our first official date fell on New Year's Eve 2009. You are probably thinking the same thing I was thinking...Wow a first date scheduled for New Year's Eve....that is a BIG commitment....and could undoubtedly last for a long time if we welcome New Year's together. :) Plus he would probably hope to get a "first" kiss at midnight be fair that is a New Year's tradition... :) He picked me up around 1:30pm New Year's Eve..(again this is going to be a long first date...big commitment here) ;) We started out going to the Blazin' Onion..talked at length, shared some food and drinks. He had pre-paid for us to see Avatar- 3D after our Blazin' Onion visit. The theatre and Blazin' Onion shared the same enormous parking we walked from Blazin' Onion to the Theatre. It was raining lightly (so I had my hood up)....and had begun to get dark. As we were walking...I noticed that Jesse was nearly missing a curb..(glad he didn't fall) I noticed this...…….. I then found myself falling....Yes, I FELL....all the way to the purse swinging forward and luckily catching my head as I landed hard (ok...I am cracking up right now..). Recognizing that I was falling....I also am watching Jesse's face as I start to go down. The look on his face was pure FEAR....he saw me start to go down....and could not extend his arms out fast enough to catch me. (Note I am still laughing right now) He reached down to see if I am ok....and all I can do is laugh. I am laughing so hard....I am cry laughing. He is a little confused at this he assumed me being a girl that I would be angry...I guess. Nope. Not this girl. I continued to laugh uncontrollably, even through the Avatar movie. The Avatar movie was not I had to conceal my laughter with tears running down my face. (probably snorted a few times too). Needless to say after the movie I requested to go change my the fall beat up my boots pretty good.:) We then went to dinner...and joined his friends for the last few hours of the day. (Yeah I got to meet his friends too on the 1st date...he held nothing back). So the sentiment we share is that I FELL FOR HIM ON OUR FIRST DATE....LITERALLY! (The picture attached is a wedding pic with our Avatar 3D glasses...and our 'movie ticket' wedding programs! Cheers! I hope you were able to laugh as I shared this story...hopefully I provided some pretty good visuals. :))