"I'm the found Uncle of Cara and Finley is my great niece. Some background , I was adopted at four days old. Cara's mother and I are half brother and sister. Cara's mother and I found each other last year. In December of 2018 I visited my sister, Cara Jesse and Finley. Cara, Jesse and Finley are one of the greatest families I have ever been around. The LOVE, RESPECT and JOY that they have is unbelievable. Being adopted by a wonderful family myself, I look at CARA, JESSE and FINLEY, and think what a wonderful life an adopted child would have with this family. As a side bar, Cara's mother, my half sister, is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met, She and Finley are the best of friends and the respect these individuals have for each other cannot be matched. Any child that joins their family , will be LOVED AND ADORED and be welcomed into a warm family."

"Cara is my God Mother (My Nina). Since I can remember she has always been a vital person in my life. From the day i was born she has showed love and support through and through, no matter how far away we lived. My family moved around a lot due to being in the military. She always came to visit any chance she got! My brothers and I would always get so excited, she made us laugh, she would play games with us, take us on adventures. There is just something special about her, a mother’s love is the best explanation. When she married Jesse my brothers and I felt as if we gained an uncle! Jesse is amazing, watching him with my brothers throw the football around, talk sports, sneakers, school, you could just see the fatherly love he has. Seeing them with Finley will make anyone’s heart melt! The love that radiates off them for that little girl is undeniable! One day I hope to be half of the parent they are. Jesse and Cara have so much more love to give. I couldnt recommend a better suited family for a child. "

"My daughter, Cara, has always been the love of my life from the day she was conceived. She has always had a loving soul always sharing care and concern for those around her no matter what age. At the same time she can be funny, silly and days where we belly laugh. The day she met Jesse and they married, they totally complement each other and their goal as a married couple was to love and cherish each other and have a family. As parents they have shared this love and compassion with their daughter and it’s reflected every day by how beautiful Finley is as a young girl. They spend time with her making education and compassion an important aspect of life. I retired 6 years ago, and Finley was born a month after I retired... which she then became my new passion. I have LOVED being her Nana, and during the week being with her while mom and dad are at work. We are a very close and loving family, sharing life events. I would LOVE to become a Nana again to another beautiful child. Family is everything to me and sharing our love with someone else is the greatest gift in the world. Cara and Jess truly know how to balance work life and family life. We will be truly elated to add another blessing to our family! "

"I couldn't recommend a better family. I have known this family of three for several years now. I consider Cara to be one of the biggest role models in my life. I respect both Cara and Jesse so much, especially when it comes to parenting. Cara, Jesse and Finley are ready to open their hearts to another child and you couldn't choose a more loving family."

"Cara and Jesse are the two most caring parents I have ever known. Not only do they provide a safe and loving home, they make their daughter feel like a princess in every way. Cara and Jesse are quirky and fun, whenever we get together there is so much laughing and pure joy. Cara and Jesse will love this child and give him/her everything they need to grow up happy, healthy, and successful."

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