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We Are Chad, Casey & Gus
We've been through this process once before when we adopted our son Gus so we understand the complex decision you are making for you and your baby. Our hearts are full of love and our dream is to share that love in growing our family through a second adoption. Being 1 of 4 kids in her family, Casey's life is filled with cherished memories, growing up with her brothers and sister and for Chad (who's an only child marrying into Casey's family the value of sibling relationships was quickly clear.


We admire and honor your decision of adoption. It is so loving and courageous and the most precious gift imaginable to parents like us who are unable to have biological children. We celebrate open adoption and are grateful to the many ways its impacted our lives. We are very thankful to you for the opportunity to share a glimpse of our lives whit you through this profile. Adoption is an amazing gift and it takes a very special person to even consider giving that gift to another family.
Gus with his birthmom and her son

Gus with his birthmom and her son

A Note from Gus' Birth Mother

Dearest Reader,
My name is Sheena and I am Gus’s birth mother. Not all that long ago I was in the same situation that you are in, flipping through book after book, wondering how in the world you can make such a decision. It’s scary, these are the people that are going to raise the child that you have come to love so much as you have grown them inside you for the last nine months.

They are so loving and fun, and were truly meant to be parents because they do an amazing job at it. I will never have to worry if I made the right choice.

How will you know you are making the right choice. I wondered that question the most, what if I pick the wrong couple? Chad and Casey reassure me several times a month that I did not make any mistakes when I chose them to be my babies family. I get to see Gus doing all the wonderful things that they had promised through their book. I get to see Gus spending time with family, winning goldfish at the carnival, and all sorts of fun memories he’s making just at home in the kitchen. And it’s not just pictures, it’s videos too. Videos of Gus on Christmas morning looking for elf on the shelf, Gus singing his ABC’s and even him saying my name. Chad and Casey have always been willing to make time for us to get together and while life just gets busy for me and we have only been able to do this on two occasions, when we do it is like getting together with family.
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