Oct 07, 2019

Hard to believe it's October already! We have a lot of fun Fall family traditions though so can't be too sad about it. So far, we have hit the town pumpkin patch, decorated the house for Halloween, picked out costumes and are ready to carve pumpkins.  We also got our garden cleaned out and can't believe how many pumpkins we grew this year.   

Summertime...and the livin's easy.....

Jun 17, 2019

We are a few weeks into summer and having a great time so far.  We hit up the new splash pad and park last week and hoping to get to our usual summer hangouts here in the next few weeks.  We're also enjoying a lot of outside time and Gus' favorite thing to do now is "recycle" and make new toys or crafts.  His creations are so awesome and we just love that he uses his creativity! 


May 24, 2019

Gus has been taking swimming lessons since he turned 3!  We both think it's very important for kids to learn how to swim.  Casey grew up with a swimming pool in her backyard and swam everyday and Chad doesn't know how to swim (ekkk...).  Casey's been trying to teach the both of them how to swim!  LOL  

He loves finding the rings on the bottom of the pool. 

Schools out for SUMMER

May 20, 2019

We had Gus' last day of Preschool today!  He's on to Kindergarten now (insert crying).  He had a short day and Casey and her Dad got to go to church with Gus and then went for donuts to celebrate the last day!  Gus also got a haircut and we watched the Lego II movie!  Such a fun day and now that we're on flex summer time, Casey didn't even have to take vacation for the day! 

End of the school year.....ALMOST!!

May 14, 2019

Today, we had Gus' pre-K school program. Even Grandpa Simon & Grandma Kathy came to it.  It's great we have such flexible jobs that we can make it to all of the school events.  

All of the littles were so cute and he loved showing us around to all of his friends. He is definitely NOT shy and loves to be the center of attention so after each applause, he was showing off! LOL! He's such a ham!

Weekend at the Cabin!

May 14, 2019

We love going to our home in the mountains.  We were able to get some nice, quality time together.  This time we went and saw 2 different places that had animals.  This was right up Gus' alley.  We were also playing in the park and ran into someone Casey knew from high school and got invited to a 6 year old birthday party!  

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