We are the Eidens!

This is us!
Hi! I can’t wait to tell you everything about our Family. Dustin and I (Tess) have 2 daughters, Kapri (12) and Oakley (9). We absolutely love and ADORE our children.

We are excited to get to know you!

We have an unwavering and unconditional love for them. Kapri and Oakley have taught us what life is truly about; loving big and enjoying life. We can NOT wait to bring a new member into our family to share all our wildest dreams and adventures with!
First off let me tell you about our passions. As a family we love to travel, adventure, ski, spend summers at the rivers and lakes and beaches, we love to spend many heartfelt hours with extended family as well. We love to take the dog (GAGE, the lab) in our Jeep and chase sunsets and go for treats! We love to golf and swim. We love playing sports and being our kids biggest cheerleaders and coaches!
Dustin helps run his family business. He’s the 3rd generation to put his blood sweat and tears into it. He grew up as the oldest of 2 children. He lived the highschool dream of sports, hunting, snow sports, friends and academics. He’s very close to his parents and brother and prides himself on taking care of others. He’s honestly the BEST dad there ever was. He LOVES being with his children and spending quality and fun time with them. He loves to help at home building for them and helping with homework and heartfelt conversations. He’s so cool to be around!
Celeste (Tess) loves being a mom and has many other passions as well. I’m a salon and boutique owner . I’ve loved doing hair for the past 15 years. I love to serve others and make people feel beautiful. My other passion is traveling and running. I’ve ran 9 marathons and hope to do many more. I love adventure races and taking my kiddos to anywhere new! I love my family and friends. I grew up 4th out of 6 DAUGHTERS! Yep, lots of extended family on my side. We are all best friends and love having our children close. It feels like one big family. No one is ever bored or left out. My love for my children is so tender and deep. Currently I’m enjoying helping my kids navigate the world of social life, teaching them to be a good, compassionate and caring human to EVERYONE. Everyone needs a friend and that’s moms job to teach our children to love !!
Kapri and Oakley are the best humans!! They are over the moon to welcome a new sibling. They are tender beautiful, souls that want to share their family and love.
Kapri is very active in sports and friends. She’s the kind hearted activist in our family. She loves life and wants everyone to be having as much fun as her. She’s a natural born leader and cares deeply for others feelings. She’s smart and loves to excel in school. She takes her role as oldest sister to her core and watches out for the younger, smaller kids naturally. She’s been very involved and is excited to expand our family.
Oakley is the happiest, easy going, always up for fun ,sister. She shares everything without ever being asked. She would rather you be happy than for her to get a turn. She loves school and friends and all things adventure. She will always be the first and last smile of the day because she’s always happy. She loves and adores all her cousins, siblings and friends. She’s a natural nurturing sister!
Our family is centered around love and support from our family and friends and God. We are certain God has a plan for all of us and wants us all to be happy! Because Dustin and I are parents, we know how much we love our children and know for certain we want to love another child and bring them in to all of our happiness!
We have chosen as a family to adopt, to spread our love to a child who wants all the unconditional love of a happy, nurturing, adventurous family. And we couldn’t be happier than for you to consider us.
Love, The Eidens
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