We're so ready to become parents together even though we aren't able to have kids on her own.

We absolutely love children and we're at a wonderful time to become parents together .
Hi! We are Chelsea and Sean, we would like to thank you for considering us to be the possible parents of the child you are giving life to. We can’t begin to understand the weight this decision must be for you. Your choice of adoption is one that takes great strength and courage.

We are very close with both sides of our families.

I don’t think an adoptive family could ever truly begin to thank you for the gift you are about to give them. We hope through this book you will learn about the love and life we would be bringing your child into. Through this reading you will learn about how much we love children and have always dreamed about being parents. We are so ready to become parents together – emotionally, logistically and financially.
Us with our sweet and loving dog Opal on a hike. Opal is great with kids.

Us with our sweet and loving dog Opal on a hike. Opal is great with kids.

We're meant to be together and our relationship is strong.

Sean and I met online and started talking on Christmas day of 2013. I was the first to message Sean but after finding out he lived three hours away I said, “ that is too far, it was nice chatting with you.” But Sean wasn’t done with the conversation and we continued talking the rest of the evening and for days after.

OHANA means family. We feel that family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Four days later we met, and it was like we had known each other forever, I trusted him so naturally without even really knowing him at that point. We went on a nature walk, out for lunch and to an eco center. We both knew this was going to be it, we were lifers for each other.
Just a few days later Sean drove down to spend New Years Eve with me and meet my family, we hadn’t even been talking a week yet so that was crazy. For nine months Sean and I maintained a long distance relationship, seeing each other almost every weekend. I worked weekends at the time so Sean came to visit me as much as possible and on my off weekends I would go to VT. It was maybe six months later, Sean started looking for a job so he could move down to me. September 2014 Sean was finally able to make the move but that only lasted until the day after Christmas that year. He then needed to go to Utah to go to school to get his Commercial Driver’s License. Thankfully that was only a three month move but a sacrifice we had to make at the time to get to the life we have today. Once back home our lives together started to form and in May 2015 Sean proposed.

We got married on April 30, 2016 on a really pretty property with a lake. Family flew in from Minnesota, England, Delaware, Vermont and other more local family. Our festivities began with the rehearsal dinner the night before at my parent’s house. My mom made lasagna dinner and Sean’s mom made ice cream lasagna cake. All of our family that came from long distance, along with our wedding party came for the gathering.
The next day the wedding started with a first look at 3pm, Sean hide behind a tree and I walked down to see him, our immediate family and wedding party there to witness. This is when the tears started and I don’t think they stopped until after the father daughter dance.
Our family friend, James got ordained for the occasion and married us. The ceremony consisted of a few poems about love and long relationships along with a prayer read by another friend. Following the ceremony, we had a buffet style dinner, and lots of dancing. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, being surrounded by our family and friends.

When I met Chelsea for the first time it was like I had known her forever. I didn’t have first date jitters and we went out for lunch like we had done it our whole lives.
When Chelsea is around children, I see what a wonderful mother she could be. How loving a caring she is, she always put others needs first and puts hers on the back burner. When she walks into a room it lights up and all the negativity goes away. This is exactly what I was looking for in a wife. She is all that I have ever wanted and more.
Chelsea gets along great with my parents and sister. We take weekend and day trips to Vermont. I always catch Chelsea asking my mom a sewing question or asking her something about cooking. My dad is always joking around with Chelsea. My sister Kari and her are around the same age so they have a lot to talk about and have stuff in common. My family is important to me and they they are important to my wife as well. I wouldn’t be were I am today in my life if she had not said hello that Christmas day in 2013. Everything happens for a reason and I am very very very grateful it turned out the way that it did.

When talking about Sean I have to start by describing his heart, it is worn right on his sleeve for all to see. When picturing my perfect husband I needed him to have a good relationship with my family, be close to my father, respect and confide in my mother, love my nephew as his own and want to be friends with my brother Brian. Sean is all of those things to my family. He is always a call away if my dad needs a helping hand, and he is always at my nephew Brayden’s sporting events cheering him on. My mom is one of the first people Sean calls for advice and Sean and my brother love being able to have a bonfire together while helping each other with yard work. Sean is just full of family, love and unity.
We often dream of what life will be like when we are parents together. Sean always goes on about how he can’t wait to teach them how to ride a bike or play a sport. He is so great and patient children so I know he will be the same when he becomes a Dad.
Sean is so driven to work hard and provide for our family, constantly trying to make for the best life for us. His drive, love and generosity will make him the most perfect daddy.
Ringing in 2019 at a celebration with neighboring friends.

Ringing in 2019 at a celebration with neighboring friends.

Our life of love and happiness.

We own our home which is on 3.25 acres of land and backs up onto another 85 acres that we are able to use. We built our home in 2016 and moved in beginning of 2017.

We want to provide a financially secure home with unconditional love.

We have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open concept kitchen, living room and dining room. We have a full walk out basement that we would like to one day finish to have a spare bedroom, craft room and another living room area.
Outside we have two big porches, one off the front and one off the back. We have dinners on the back porch and gatherings around our fireplace. Our front porch is where you will find us rocking watching the chickens roam the yard or waiting for friends and family to arrive.
We are still working on some of our landscaping as we are figuring out the land. This year we will be putting in our fenced in yard which will be a half acre for our swing set, sand box, gardens and maybe a pool down the road.
Our home is our special place as we have made it from the ground up and continue to create an amazing area for our family.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Birthdays or a great achievement, we celebrate it all! Our holiday season is usually split between NY and VT families. For the past few years Thanksgiving has been in NY, either at our home or Grandma and Pa’s home. Turkey and fixings are usually prepared early in the morning so our day can be spent going on a nature walk, watching the parade and flipping through black Friday fliers. We have two Christmas gatherings, the New York side is filled with a yummy dinner, lots of gift exchanging and laughter, and maybe even a card game. When we go to Vermont it is a whole weekend festivity filled with nephew time, games and food. We have our traditional fondue and appetizer dinner followed by our newest tradition of a saranwrap ball which leads to lots of laughter and cheering. By the end of our holiday season we are plenty grateful for the food and family we have been able to be surrounded by this time of year.
During the year we still have many celebrations to get together for. Birthdays are usually a family dinner of that persons choice followed by cake of course. St. Patrick's Day is a must since Chelsea's family is Irish, so boiled corn beef dinner it is! Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor day, and any other days that give a reason for our town to set off fireworks and have a BBQ is always an event for us. I think the only other holiday I haven’t mentioned is Easter and who doesn’t love another reason to eat candy, have a ham dinner, and put on an Easter egg hunt for the nephews! Our lives are always filled with family gatherings and the holidays give us a reason to make more special meals, exchange gifts and create memories together.

I thought to give you a better idea of our Christmas I would describe our last one. Our celebrating and decorating started the weekend after Thanksgiving when we got our tree from a local tree farm. This year we wanted tall and skinny, the year prior was a little too wide. My nephew Brayden usually comes and helps Sean and I decorate the tree and house. Decorations are abundant around the house!
The weekend prior to Christmas is cookie making time. We make sugar cookies, buck eye balls, oatmeal Scotties (my dad’s favorite) and any other requests our family has.
Christmas this year started on Saturday with our weekend trip to Vermont. It was our first holiday that our nephew Fletcher could open his gifts himself which was so fun to watch. Gift opening always has to follow with playing with the gifts as some adults get dinner together. We did our Vermont traditions and left Sunday afternoon with full bellies, a car full of gifts and many of our nephew Fletcher kisses.
New York Christmas is built around Brayden as he is the only child right now. Next year will be different because they are expecting another baby and hopefully we are adopting soon. We do dinner on Christmas Eve together. Christmas morning was the real fun this past holiday. We all waited for my brother Brian to call us that Brayden was awake and to hurry over to watch him open gifts. We all gathered to watch him enjoy what Santa brought him followed by breakfast. We all exchange our gifts and enjoy our morning together. Christmas evening we do another dinner with Chelsea’s parents to close our Christmas events.

Opal is our one year old lab mix rescue. She is a loving addition to our family and goes most places with us. She loves playing with her toys, running around the yard and going on hikes with us. She is great with children and will be a great best friend.
Our chickens roam the yard during the day eating bugs. At night they roost in a chicken coop where they lay their eggs for us to collect. Fresh eggs are a special staple in our house.

Monday to Friday Sean and I both work full time jobs, Sean has a successful career with a oil and propane company and I a medical coder. My job will be home based shortly so that I can be an at-home Mom. My mom or aunt will be always be around too.
Our weekends are usually a joint family dinner one evening, along with local events and activities. In the summer you will find us at the lake swimming, kayaking and having a cook out or picnic at the beach. Winter weekends we go to hockey games, snowshoeing in our back yard, maple weekend in April or just snuggled on the couch with a hot chocolate and movie on the really cold days.
Sean and Chelsea at their nephew Brayden's classroom Christmas party.

Sean and Chelsea at their nephew Brayden's classroom Christmas party.

Chelsea works from home so she can be an at-home mom!

Sean and I knew from the start we wanted to be parents and create a family together. After a year and a half of trying and three miscarriages we started talking about adoption so we became foster parents, hoping to adopt children from foster care. Summer 2018 we got placed with siblings, 3 and 4 years old.

We love children and have always dreamed about being parents and devoting our lives to a child.

We were told we had great chances of being able to adopt them, they had been in foster care for over 18 months at that time. We were able to potty train them, teach them to swim, and had an amazing summer together. Our time with them was cut short when their family stepped up and we weren’t going to be able to adopt them. A piece of our hearts will always be with those children. During the time we were fostering I had more pregnancy losses.
We are just wanting a child to love and hoping that we can connect with a someone like yourself who can bravely give us the most precious gift of a child. We don’t feel any desire or need to be biologically related. We just want to devote our lives to a child. We were able to see the difference stable love gives children when we fostered and we can’t wait to be able to do that for a lifetime with a child.

Sean and I have had many conversations about how we will raise our family. What will our expectations be of them? At what age can they date? How will we discipline them? How will we get them their first car? What sports do you think they will want to play? The list goes on about what we have discussed and most it we don’t think we will know about until the situation presents itself to us. 
What we know for sure is that we will raise your child with unconditional love and support. We will always be this child’s biggest advocate and cheerleader. We will expose this child to lots of activities so he or she can pick what their passions are and we will support that. We will use verbal discussions to direct good behavior and never raise our hands.
We will raise this child to try new things and to be brave because he or she will always have us to fall back on. From the start our child will have a bank account. This is so they can learn the value of money but also have funds to contribute to their first car, college or other individual wants. This will help to manage the financial gifts that grandparents give.  
We hope to create a home where there is open communication with us and your child feels they can freely express themselves. We will raise a child in a home that is full of joyous memories, stability and love. An upbringing that is one they aspire to continue when they have children like Sean and I aspire to be like our parents
Your child will know their cultural back ground. They will know that you are so brave and selfless. They will know that their birth family gave us the most amazing gift and that we will cherish them and their choice.

I am thankful to say Sean and I work together in everything we do. We both work full time jobs to bring money into the household. Decisions such are buying a car or a new part for the tractor are discussed so we are both aware what is being spent and can evaluate if it is a good choice at that time. Household duties are shared, I can plow the driveway just as easily as he can scrub the toilet. I water and feed the chickens and Sean can do the dishes.
We were both raised that a family needs to work together to achieve things for the home and that is what we plan to do with our family as well. We are a team that needs to work together, communicate together and with that we will accomplish greatness!

Our play time is really any time we are together. We may be swimming at a beach or doing yard work but both are enjoyable since we are together.
Our true relaxing play time you will find us outside in nature. Summer time we have a few spots we like to enjoy. One is kayaking on a local river or there is a pull off at a big pond. The pond location is a family event with a BBQ, bon fire, and swimming. We also are in close proximity to a state park that has many nature trails to hike with our dog.
Winters are cold here but we are lucky to have a back yard that gives us ample playing area. We go sledding on one of our hills or snow banks, snow shoeing in the back yard or to a local hockey game. Sean is looking forward to getting back into downhill skiing when we have a child to teach. Sugaring will also be another winter event that we are looking forward to setting up our home for.

Sean and I look forward to our future with a little one in our home filling it with laugher and joy. We hope you have learned about the wonderful life we live and how much we can provide for a child.
We would love to be able to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. We would love to hear about the dreams and aspirations you have for your child.
We have included the contact information to get ahold of us along with our attorney’s information. Please feel free to contact either of us when you are ready.
Please also feel free to contact our adoption lawyer Suzanne Nichols at 1-800-255-1415 with any questions or concerns. She is really nice and very knowledgeable about adoption.
In the mean time we will keep you and your child in our thoughts during this difficult, selfless decision.

Love, Chelsea and Sean
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