A weekend in Maine

Oct 12, 2019

Every year Sean's parents go to a fair in Maine and camp out for two weeks. This year we joined them for a weekend with Sean's sister, her boyfriend and son. It was a cozy weekend camping together enjoying the fair.  We plan to make this a yearly event, one that our future children can have as a beautiful tradition.

Winter is around the corning

Sep 20, 2019

Winter will be here before we know it. Fall is one of our favorite seasons, watching the leaves change, hiking amd canning veggies for winter. This year my mom and I canned freshed tomato sauce full of yummy healthy veggies to enjoy all winter long.  This is such an amazing bonding and memory with my mom that we do every year.

Sean and I are trying to get in a hike a weekend right now with our dog Opal.  Once at the peak it is amazing to see the beautiful mountain ranges we live around.  As we are trying new trails in our area we are figuring out which ones we can snow shoe this winter. Sean has already picked out a hiking pack so we can bring our future child with us on adventures.

The picture above is from one of our snowshoeing explorations last year.

Football practice

Sep 12, 2019

Fall is in the air, which means football season for our nephew Brayden.  We are lucky to live within the same school district and only five minutes away from the school.  Brayden plays football in the fall and wrestling in the winter. We love watching him play both sports, cheering him on to have fun.  

Right after  I took this picture he spotted Sean and I in the stands and waved so thrilled we came to his practice.  That wave warmed my heart so much knowing he was excited to be showing off his skills to his family.

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